Sunday, March 15, 2009

Microjazz piano recording

I spent all of yesterday (14th March) recording all three Microjazz Collections on a Bosendorfer grand piano at Cream Studios in North London - it looks very impressive doesn't it! These will be released on a production library album (or albums) by Cavendish Music ( and you'll hopefully also see these pieces-as-played-by-the-composer on iTunes soon. My  website will also have sound clips from these recordings available to listen to in the near future.
It was surprisingly exacting work! The pieces often leave the performer nowhere to hide - you need to be able to keep a steady beat going, the capacity to play syncopated ideas without rushing and plain old flair! Some of the pieces (Get in step, or Tiger Blues for example) really kept this particular performer on his toes.
I had an excellent producer/engineer working with me - Gerry O'Riordan ( who also records the music for Doctor Who! He's a drummer as well as a superb engineer, so any mis-timings were pounced upon eagerly...
Keep watching the site for some final edited and mixed examples from this recording day - all 3 Microjazz Collections were done, including 2 duets with myself from Microjazz Collection 1.


shadow said...

Hi Mr. Norton. I'm one Janet Ryan's students. I really want to start Microjazz! I love your music! My friend does Microjazz with Janet and she loves it! I really want to play Tiger Blues and can't wait for the recording to come in.
Helene Crowley

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene and hi Chris,

Good for you for writing this to our living composer, Ms. Helene! And so well, too! You may start learning pieces in that book, my dear, anytime you like. And thanks to Charlotte (and older sister Amelia) for rediscovering the great Microjazz within my studio.

Bye bye. See you next week,


Canadian teacher!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Any idea when these might appear on iTunes? (Probably not before my first exam in 3 weeks, but I can hope).

[adult beginner piano student :-) ]