Sunday, March 8, 2009

Altrincham workshop 3rd March 2009

The final workshop of my whirlwind UK tour - organised by H Wright Greaves Ltd, a local dealer who specialise in sheet music, this was done rather differently (and very effectively) A local jazz club was hired and teachers and students sat at tables with food and drink. A cabaret-style presentation! A local clarinet and piano duo played beautifully in the breaks (including some world premiere performances of Concert Collection Clarinet) and I sat  at a keyboard at audience level (see above) ; this helped to involve teachers, students and parents.

The youngest student, Alicia, was 7 years old and had previously had only 2 lessons. She did well with some of the American Popular Piano Prep Skills book. A 13-year old boy did some improvising very effectively and an adult student came and helped me play In the Bag from Microstyles. A lot of fun was had by all (me included)  Two of the young players are pictured at the top, both students of the same teacher (also pictured) and both obviously loving their studies.

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