Friday, January 2, 2009


I've just completed, for Boosey & Hawkes,  MicroRock - 20 pieces in rock style for easy (5-finger easy) to intermediate piano. It was a fun book to write - I downloaded lots of classic rock tracks from itunes and then tried to find ways to make interesting piano parts that weren't too hard but were still very much part of the total band effect. There are terrific backing tracks on CD with the book and I advise their use - that way (particularly with headphones) you really do feel like you're stage-centre with a live rock band.
Above is the music to one of the pieces - The gig. It's in a late 60s rock style, reminiscent of Bad Company. The piece is all based on E pentatonic minor (in true rock guitar fashion) and almost in 5-finger position in both hands. Enjoy!