Friday, March 6, 2009

Cambridge workshop 28th February 2009

And so to Cambridge, where the local music dealer was The Music Gallery, regarded locally as a particularly good piano shop. The welcome was warm and the audience were very good-humoured, as you can see from the picture above! 

One young performer needed relatively little persuasion to play a very well-received "Joy to the World" (Concert Collection 1) from memory (there she is, below left) And another young man came with his teacher and was obviously going to go home and try some of the most taxing pieces right away...
My favourite moment in this workshop was when an older man said that both his children had learned the piano and both had given up and now he has grandchildren and feels that this may be his last chance to see sustained progress on piano from close relatives! He was very excited about American Popular Piano, not as a teacher, student or parent but as a non-playing grandparent. He's on the far right of the long picture above and, fittingly for Cambridge, this picture has a nice "old master" feel to it (much like the composer..)

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