Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liverpool workshop 2nd March 2009

The workshop in Liverpool was in Music Notes, a store right in the city centre - I got the train to Liverpool from Leeds and the short taxi ride to the venue took me past the amazing, dramatic historic buildings in Liverpool Centre. This included St Georges Hall, re-opened in 2007 after a major refurbishment and apparently a favourite building of Prince Charles. 
I was assured a warm Liverpool welcome from the teachers and the shop's team were great - one of the young and enthusiastic staff members is pictured on the left. With staff like this, I feel that there is a future for city centre music stores! 
Teachers were great - many knew my material from way back and all were interested in the new things on offer. Lots of questions and participation - lovely!

I also played some Preludes at the end so that teachers could hear that there were really stretching pieces for their teenage students - the top picture is me obviously concentrating hard, as it happens playing Rock Prelude no 3 (yes, Jingo)

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