Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Schmitt Music Expo

Schmitt Music Company is one of America’s leading music retailers. It operates 10 stores in Minnesota and 6 stores in six other states, including Kansas and Colorado. Each year Schmitt Music Company run a Music Expo and clinicians participate on an invitation-only basis. I was lucky enough to be chosen this year, the only UK-based presenter, to speak on American Popular Piano. 

It was a large and very enthusiastic crowd and there was considerable interest in this innovative new series. A number of teachers were familiar with Microjazz , but what made the occasion of particular interest to them was the enthusiastic presence of one of the “early adopters” of American Popular Piano, Minneapolis-based piano teacher Jon Michael Iverson, who has recorded all of the pieces for his own web-site ( and has also supplied the video footage of students performing that I use in my presentations. His endorsement was ringing, to say the least!

This was a great opportunity and my thanks to Schmitt Music Company for this wonderful opportunity to present to such a switched-on crowd.

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