Thursday, September 4, 2008

Workshop at Ackerman Music, Chichester

Ackerman Music has 3 stores, one in Hove, one in Crawley and a store in Chichester that organized this American Popular Piano workshop (thanks Lynne!) Formerly known as Bern’s Music, the store was established 22 years ago and sells an impressively extensive range of music. There was a good-sized group of teachers (and some students) at this evening presentation.

Pretty much all of the people at the Ackerman Music workshop were familiar with Microjazz and indeed some of the teachers had copies bought over two decades ago (with the “early” photo of me on the back – ulp!) They had obviously found the series useful over the years and so were very open-minded about a new series from the same writer. What they didn’t expect was the course of study aspect combined with an emphasis on improvisation from the very beginning – this proved to be a real plus. Quite a few teachers came up to play and everyone found the presentation informative and entertaining.

Excellent food and drink was on offer at the end and people stayed to chat (and look at the books) – always a good sign!

Thanks again to Lynne and Ackerman Music for their enthusiasm and to all of the teachers for coming out to an evening workshop.

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